Sight Word Circle Pack (Fry List 4)

Sight Word Circle Pack (Fry List 4)

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Make learning fun by using these circle sight word SitSpots to help your students practice and build their fluency.

Included in this package are the following 25 Fry List 4 words:

am, been, called, come, could, day, did, down, find, first, get, its, long, made, may, my, no, now, number, part, people, than, water, way, who

These SitSpots will not work on hard surfaces such as wood, tile, or laminate flooring.

SitSpots are compatible with most carpeting, rugs, mats (but not all) and can be safely vacuumed over without shifting, lifting, or peeling if they adhere properly to your carpeting, rugs, or mats.

Not sure if your carpeting, rugs or mats are compatible with SitSpots? View this video for a fast way to check your carpeting using a piece of Velcro®. 

SitSpots are created, owned, and operated by a kindergarten teacher.

Made from industrial strength materials.

Approximate size: 4"