Numbers 1-24 Pack - Multi Colors

Numbers 1-24 Pack - Multi Colors

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These numbered SitSpots Circles, in a rainbow of colors, are absolutely the perfect solution for organizing and managing your students. Help your children know where to go by providing them with these fun and easy to use visual reminders. 

Each Numbered 24 Pack includes the following:

6 red SitSpots circles:  numbers 1-6

6 yellow SitSpots circles:  numbers 7 - 12 

6 purple SitSpots circles: numbers 13-18

6 bright blue SitSpots circles:  numbers 19 - 24

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SitSpots are compatible with most carpeting (but not all) and can be safely vacuumed over without disturbing them if they adhere properly to your carpeting.

Created, owned, and operated by a kindergarten teacher.

Made in the USA from industrial strength material.

Approximate size: 10 cm (4")