Cleaning SitSpots

  • SitSpots can be vacuumed over without disturbing them; provided that they adhere properly to your carpeting.
  • Clean SitSpots periodically using baby wipes.
  • We recommend that you launder your SitSpots 2 - 3 times per year.

Removing pencil and light crayon marks:


TIDE-TO-GO PENS will remove pencil and light crayon marks from your SitSpots. Just follow the package directions and rinse the spots in clean water before reusing them in the classroom. 




Directions for laundering SitSpots:

  1. Gently remove your spots from your carpeting
  2. Pre-treat any stains on each spot, prior to laundering, using Tide-To-Go Pens or your favorite stain remover 
  3. Place SitSpots into your washing machine (without any other garments) and select any cycle
  4. Air dry your spots or place them in your dryer on any cycle

Curled spots:

Option 1:

Don't worry about curled spots after they're laundered, they'll straighten right out again when they're reattached back onto your carpeting. 

Option 2:

    Stack the dried spots on top of each other and place a weighted object on top of them (i.e. book) for a few days. Once you remove the book, your spots will be totally flat and ready for reattachment to your carpeting.